Here's what people are saying about Paradise Air!
"Their safety record is perfect, their expertise in the air unmatched. These aren't wreckless dare devils but true ambassadors of the sky. “ Meredeth from Kailua, 1/20/2017 via Yelp

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I can't thank you enough for making my first ultralight experience so memorable! It was definitely the highlight of my trip to Oahu, and I'm really looking forward to going up again some time! And thanks for letting me fly pretty much the entire time. I really felt like I was soaring through the sky like a bird! Please thank Tyler also. Becca had a great time...although I think he's in a little trouble for not getting any coral shots (she's an avid scuba diver). We wish him luck in Alaska and wherever his travels lead him! What age is the youngest that you'll take people up? My friend and her family are thinking about going to Hawaii, and she has kids who are 9 and 11 years old (I think). I will be sure to sing your praises! Also, what other islands in Hawaii offer ultralight flights? And what are other popular powered hang gliding spots around the world? I have two weeks off in June and was planning on taking a trip with my family somewhere...so far Kauai, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica are on the potential list. Thanks again for taking such great care of us! It was probably the easiest reservation I've ever made and you were so helpful when I first talked to you. And I don't know anyone who gives such detailed directions as you do -- we really had no problem getting there even though it was before the crack of dawn and rainy. We also really appreciate all your recommendations about places to eat and places to go -- they were spot on! We met so many wonderful people in Oahu, but you truly were the nicest and most sincere. I applaud you both for packing up and moving out to Oahu to live your dream...and even more for sharing a little bit of that excitement with the rest of us! Mahalo nui loa, Meena

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I would like to thank you for the best time I had in Hawaii flying with you. Flying the ultralight was a great experience and a outstanding flying activitie. I appreciate being able to take control of the wing. Denise, you now have me thinking of flying every day, I guess you have me hooked on flying, thank you. I plan on looking in Wis. for a ultralight made by Buckeye, as I said I had a Powered Parachute. Denise I will get some INFO on the EAA in Oshkosh as soon it's out. If you and Tom plan on taking in EAA this year you are welcome to stay at my home in Stevens Point, I will pick you and Tom up at our local airport and take you to EAA in Oshkosh. EAA is a week long, it is something like you have never seen before. I will let everyone know who is going to HAWAII that Paradise Air is a must do activitie. All I can say is WOW, Thanks. All the Best, Jerry PS I arrived in Stevens Point March 17th 2008, and in the mail was your wonderful CD. Thanks it turned out GREAT. Take care.

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My name is Kyra Abramson and I came with the Buckley Family on Memorial Day weekend of this year. I am emailing you to let you know how much this family enjoyed your services and Eric our guide. He made us feel so welcome from the time we arrived (6 :30 in the morning) till the moment we left. I was the family member who did not take a flight in the Ultra light but just from watching the rest I was so excited. The pics and video that we got also were perfect and we will be watching them for years to come. My father in law says he wants to sell the mustang and get one. I also wanted to let you know about Eric .... very rarely do star employees get recognized for what they do. Eric was great he answered all of our questions, told us a wonderful place to eat breakfast and was always on his game. Even though I did not go up, he made sure that I was taken care of. If you ever need a customer review, you just send me the web site or email I will sing your praises! Thank you Paradise Air you made a Once in a life time memory for my family!

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First of all, I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for an absolutely wonderful experience. I have been a skydiving instructor all my life and have always loved aviation. I became a pilot in the early eighties and have always enjoyed flying. The morning of my first introductory flight at Paradise Air, I have to admit, I found myself a little nervous. After all I never have been in one of these Ultra light aircraft. However, I have worked with and acknowledge the vast experience of both Tom & Denise Sanders in the Parachuting Industry. Their methodical approach to details and attitude towards safety made me feel better. The next thing I know I was suiting up and getting ready. It was about six thirty, sunrise on Oahu’s north shore. Denise, (my hero), never missing a beat had our aircraft and gear all ready to go. After a few minutes of warm up for the engine I was flying, I mean was really flying. I strapped an aircraft to my body and for the first time I could go UP! The first thing I thought was, Wow! This is really cool. During the flight Denise taught me how to control the aircraft and made me feel very good about my progress. We did everything from swooping the heavens to buzzing the pineapple fields. From one Instructor to another, her approach, attitude and level of confidence was exactly what I needed. I was nervous for nothing. I was in good hands. Thanks to you guys, my first time in an Ultra light was great and I can’t wait to go again.
George Rivera USPA Lic. D-4977

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I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to weight shift aircraft flying with Denise on 6/5/06! Your patience in training and desire to share the experience went beyond my expectations. Thank you for the exhilarating experience. You folks run a very professional operation, keep up the good work!
Curtis Whaley

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Back in Texas now but still recalling our early morning flight. It was a great experience made even better with your "guided tour" of the North Shore. Especially appreciated your recommendations on places to eat. Breakfast at Jammeson's was great. Thanks once again for making our flight the highlight to my trip to Oahu's North Shore. You're the BEST!! Mahalo Nui Loa!
Bob Cherveny

I just wanted to let you know what a great time Ryan had last Thursday! It definitely was the highlight of our Hawaii trip. This trip was our graduation present to Ryan, and the pilot, Eric, made it the best ever!!! Ryan is your standard "teenager" that hardly ever talks, but he has been raving about the flight. You made his vacation!! Thanks again...and Eric was Great!!! We look forward to the video of the flight!
Ron Nilsen

Just going thru old emails and your note reminded me of the great time I had on my flight back a few weeks ago. Your flight provides the unique experience of flying with the world completely around and under you with the real kick I got out of doing much of it myself. Its my top story from my vacation Our on-going conversation was great fun, too! Hope your movie film was a keeper... the video was great. Thanks again.
Dave Waddell

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You are a fantastic team full of true Aloha spirit! Again wanted to convey how thrilled we were flying with you! We were so concerned about the weather and also it was our first experience flying open. But as soon as we met you, all these concerns vanished. Your hospitality is incredible. All of us enjoyed the flight, spectacular sights, first spotting of whale this season, turtles, waterfall... It was an absolute joy. For all of us it was a lifetime experience. Krishna has started dreaming even higher flying. We'll do it again and again. Anybody even thinking slightly about flying open, GO FOR IT with Denise & Tom!!!

I was finally able to fly with you on Saturday, May 21st. To you two, I want to say mahalo many times! My flight was the absolute high point of a wonderful first visit to the islands. As I told Denise when we landed, I would do this again in a heartbeat. To anyone who reads this who is considering taking a ride, I can whole heartedly say, "DO IT!" First of all, you will be treated to spectacular scenery and the experience of a lifetime. I am a terra firma kind of girl and I loved this! Second, you will have the opportunity to meet two of the nicest people on the island, Tom and Denise. They are a wonderful couple who exude the spirit of aloha. This is a top notch operation run by great people who are living the dream. If you are a fan of the series, ask Denise for the "Lost" tour...:-) Mahalo many times and aloha!
Sue Sawyer

I want to thank you again for such a great flying experience on May 4th. That 1 hour flight was probably the highlight of all my flying experiences. You and Denise made Deb and me feel right at home. Thank you also for the DVD, it is terrific!!! and the still shots came out great as well. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to meet you both and fly like a bird over paradise!! Thank you so much!! Take care, Mahalo and Aloha from St. Louis.
Paul Rathgeber

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-Doug & Leanne

We flew with you Mar 6 and received the DVD which was spectacular. We just want to thank you guys for a great experience. It was great to watch each other's flight. We will be back with our grand kids. Have a great trip to Venezuela and Angel Falls. It is great to meet someone living their dreams!
Doug & Leanne Struve

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-John & Jeri

It's been almost three months since we took our ultralight flying lessons from you. We still talk about it and show the video to our family and friends. I had the chicken skin so I made Jeri go first. When I heard how excited she was over the radio and the smile on her face after she landed, I had to do it, too. What a ride! I guess we got lucky with the calm and sunny conditions, but watching guys surf Waimea from 500 feet up was just awesome. A thrill that would be cheap at twice the price! I felt safe the whole time, even when I was driving. You guys made our North Shore vacation da kine.
John & Jeri
President and 1st Lady Long Beach Surf Club

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Dear Nurse Denise Thank you so much for removing my stitches after my surfing accident. What a pleasure it is to know that my pilot can also fix my head!
Georgie Pulman
Captain, British Surf Team

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I am so grateful to you for creating such wonderful memories for me and my family over the skies of the North Shore. I love sharing my pics w/friends. I want you to know Denise that you are a top notch pilot. I felt so safe and comfortable with your confident and capable approach to flying. I can't wait to fly with you again. It was such a pleasure to spend time with both of you. I miss you already and will keep you close to my heart. Please visit should you ever wander up to Oregon. You are always welcome in my home.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my Ultra Flight with you Friday morning, what a perfect start to a great day. The lighting was beautiful and the company excellent, as usual. I can't wait to fly with you again, into the sunrise.

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-Simone & Pascal

Thank you so much Denise and Tom! It's been almost one year, but we still talk a lot about our great time in Hawaii. You both made it very special! Thanks again and we hope to see you soon.
Simone & Pascal

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I was fortunate enough to meet Tom and Denise, owners and operators of Paradise Air, on my most recent trip to Hawaii. Aside from being friendly, delightful people, I found them to be extremely safety oriented. The tremendous amount of experience they have in the art of flight has done them well. The flight I took in their state of the art ultralight was an exciting, exhilarating experience and I highly recommend their services to any and all. It is money well spent for a a time well had. Their gentle mix of professionalism and friendship will impress all. Blue Skies to the both of you! I look forward to our next meeting.
Rob Fortier

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With a widened perspective, flight is defined anew with the ultralight. I have tried to play every way possible in the blue skies, but still I would fascinate about the beginnings of flight. The ultralight is the safest way to play while simultaneously you are brought back to the most natural of aviation's roots. There are no barriers, nor boundaries. However, it is strongly recommended as a passenger to hold your arms spread and bare toes outside the vehicle. I ran my toes through the silver lining of the clouds that hover the island we call paradise. I never thought I would say, flying that morning got me HIGH ENOUGH! This experience fits gently into each diverse person's heart, memory, and new walk of life. The true envy we hold while watching the soaring bird fly freely above...is discontinued when you bring Paradise Air into your life. Thank you Denise and Tom!!!
Kelly Sample

I've been up with Denise twice, and expect to go again, SOON. She is one heck of a pilot, and there is no I would trust my life with more than her, and I (generally) don't fly. What a thrill, seeing all the most thrilling surfing spots IN THE WORLD, with her dialog. Also looking forward to flying with Tom, soon. Paradise Air is a truly class operation, and I'd recommend it to ANYONE who loves TRUE ADVENTURE.

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What an amazing experience! For you pilots out there who think you've tried it all - this one is for you! Denise is a first-rate professional pilot and an excellent instructor. Her outstanding flying skills combined with conscientious attention to detail, proper preparation and exceptional situational awareness made for an unforgettable adventure. Flying the ultralight with Denise was the most fun I've had in the air since learning to fly myself. I would not hesitate to recommend Denise to all of my friends and family... Blue Skies!
Erica Muse, CFII

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I've known Tom & Denise since they were training to fly trikes. They've been dotting all the i's & crossing all the t's since day one. With both of their backgrounds in adrenaline sports, and the consistence of professionalism, they're top-notch people both in front of, and behind the scenes. I can't recommend a better team to experience this sport with. And, the scenery's not too bad either...
Denny Reed
Backcountry Aerosports, WA.

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I have been living on the Island for about four years, and words can not explain the beauty captured flying in a Ultralight, you almost feel as your flying through the eyes of a bird, freedom to go fast, slow, low and high. It's a very safe and affordable way to experience the true beauty of Hawaii. My Pilot Denise fully kept me informed as to what to expect, and I even got to fly it. Going out on a epic day, we saw plenty of Whales, surf and sky traffic which made it even more exciting. I would highly recommend this adventure to anyone of age, truly a first class company. The pictures and video is a must also. Take my word for it, you don't want to miss out on this experience.
Patricia Ann Marie

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Amazing! Denise made me feel very comfortable with the aircraft. I even got to take control on my first flight. The veiws of the ocean, mountains and waterfalls are spectacular. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.
Cecelia Hill

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-Bo & Alex

What a great flight! The scenery, the narration, and being so close to it all... This is the closest a human can get to actual flight (only birds and skydivers can do better). Thank you both so much for such a life altering experience.
Bo & Alex

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What a BLAST ! I have flown before and thought it would be just another ride. WRONG ! I was smiling from takeoff to landing. There I was, the closest you can be to the mountains and ocean. The engine purrs quietly as you communicate with your pilot, and actually get to fly the bird as well. We went from one place to another above the clouds and below. Green mountains, waterfalls, IT BLOWS IT ALL AWAY. I'm a believer!